Telecommunication association files complaint to Ombudsman over cutting of cables on Jl. Cikini Raya

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The Telecommunication Network Providers Association (APJATEL) has filed an official complaint to the Indonesian Ombudsman over the cutting of fiber optic cables belonging to various companies by the Jakarta Bina Marga Road Agency for the sidewalk renovation project along Jl. Cikini Raya in Central Jakarta.

APJATEL chairman M. Arif Angga said the complaint was lodged after the Jakarta administration and Jakarta Bina Marga Road Agency did not respond to the association’s complaints.

Previously, Ombudsman Jakarta head Teguh Nugroho requested the city administration stop the cutting of cables and cooperate with the owners of the cables.

Angga said the cables were cut without cooperation with the cable network owners and it went against the smart city program the city administration promoted.

“By not managing telecommunication infrastructure well, including these fiber optic cables, it is a step back and contradictory to the spirit of a smart city,” Angga said in a written statement on Monday.

Angga said the city had developed with technological support that telecommunication companies provided and the fiber optic cables that have been installed in Jakarta had supported residents to create and innovate in their businesses.

“Jakarta has become a developed city because its residents can enjoy easy digital access supported by the existing fiber optic infrastructure,” Angga said.

He said without fiber optic networks, Jakarta was just an installation of concrete buildings.

“Fiber optic is an integrated part of telecommunication to support a smart city. Especially now we are expecting 5G technology in the future that will need more fiber optic cables to maintain the quality of service according to the fifth generation of cellular standards,” Angga said.

Separately, Jakarta Bina Marga Agency head Hari Nugraha said the Ombudsman had yet to confirm to the agency about the complaints raised and filed by APJATEL.

“We have yet to be summoned, so we will continue the project,” Hari said on Tuesday.

He said that the problem of internet connection was between the service providers and their customers, not the city administration, as the agency had asked the companies to remove their hanging or overhead cables on Jl. CIkini Raya in January for the revamp.

Previously, APJATEL argued that the arrangement of utilities in Cikini was scheduled in December this year, as according to Gubernatorial Regulation No. 126/2018.

However, Hari said that Cikini was part of the Regional Strategic Programs (KSD), so the administration was targeting it to be finished by December instead.

Gubernatorial Instruction No. 1107/2019 dated July 8 stipulates the new version of the Regional Strategic Programs (KSD) that adds 13 more activities to the current 60, which includes the improvement of pedestrian infrastructure.

The governor also issued Gubernatorial Regulation No. 66/2019 on Aug. 1, ordering relevant working units “to encourage people to use public transportation and improve the comfort of pedestrians through the acceleration of pedestrian infrastructure on 25 roads”.

Previously, business owners on Jl. Cikini Raya claimed that their operations were disrupted and they had lost up to 50 percent of revenue because of the sidewalk renovation as it included cable reinstallation that caused an internet and power blackout.

A. Muh. Ibnu Aqil
The Jakarta Post

Jakarta / Thu, September 19 2019 / 01:42 am